ERIC CANETE is an illustrator, designer and storyboard artist based in Los Angeles, CA.

ANIMATION: Aeon Flux, Dark Fury, Ben10, TRON: Uprising and the forthcoming Beware The Batman.

COMICS: Cybernary 2.0, Iron Man: Enter The Mandarin, The End League, Luke Cage, Spider-man and Superboy.


"Houston, we have a problem- Eric is drawing nothing but close-ups & it’s annoying."
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Fan art I did 6 or 7 years ago? Still  satisfied w how it turned out. I was going to do this for #tbt- but I don’t know what day it is, we are.
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A @pfaisaln inspired commission image for a ‘Red Head’ themed sketchbook belonging to the gorgeous @mollyjane_k. (Thanks for your patience, gal.)
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The warm up image for the auction piece that one time I was at HeroesCon in Charlotte, NC.
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Thanks for all the kind words, all. I’m a little sore; back on my feet. Here’s a thing I did that one time at a convention.
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That one time last week at #HeroesCon someone commissioned me for an image inspired by Poison Ivy & then didn’t pick it up. Dammit. (Still had tons of fun drawing it though.)
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Too much work these days. This took forever to get back to. Anyway..’LEONA’.
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