ERIC CANETE is an illustrator, designer and storyboard artist based in Los Angeles, CA.

ANIMATION: Aeon Flux, Dark Fury, Ben10, TRON: Uprising and the forthcoming Beware The Batman.

COMICS: Cybernary 2.0, Iron Man: Enter The Mandarin, The End League, Luke Cage, Spider-man and Superboy.


This is the second-to-last commission I’ve finished while I was at the Dallas Comic Con ‘12.
When they asked for ‘Medusa’, I thought it’d be the easiest of the bunch because I’ve had my take on her before. Little did I know rendering the snakes - especially since I was being too ambitious and attempted to draw different kinds - would take almost an entire day.
It just goes to show, art is still an unpredictable process for me.
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